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SAINT Protocol TMS

X-ray of different brains

A New Protocol for Treatment Resistant Depression

The SAINT Protocol TMS system uses functional MRI to map out an individual’s brain connectivity to identify the optimal anatomic region for the condensed course of magnetic stimulation.

  • SAINT protocol is 1800 pulses of iTBS done every hour, 10 times a day, for 5 days.

  • SAINT uses a resting functional connectivity MRI to specify the treatment target.

  • SAINT reported an impressive success rate of 90% but dropped to 60% after a month.

SAINT is now FDA-cleared. It is available now at BrainHealth Solutions


The Magnus Medical Neuromodulation System with SAINT technology is the only FDA cleared system to use an FDA-cleared algorithm and process to map individual brain networks and select an individualized treatment target for treatment of MDD. Any clinic that is not directly supported by Magnus is using an unregulated process to derive treatment targets from an MRI or fMRI. Moreover, in addition to having absolutely no medical regulation, these other clinics are using a treatment that has not been rigorously tested in peer-reviewed and FDA-reviewed clinical trials.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation


Through the work at Stanford and Magnus, neuroimaging teams have spent the past decade developing and testing the SAINT targeting and treatment approach. The fMRI processing requires extremely high quality scans that are only available at select university neuroimaging centers, and the individualized brain mapping uses hundreds of thousands of lines of code that are written and maintained by a fulltime team of over a dozen specialist scientists and engineers. The processing of a single brain map takes cloud-based supercomputers about 12 hours of time to produce. Moreover, the 80-90% remission rates in severe treatment resistant depression have been peer reviewed by multiple independent scientific groups and the FDA. There is simply no other system or targeting process we are aware of that comes anywhere close to the level of rigor that produced, maintains, and continues to improve upon the SAINT Protocol TMS System.


Finally, Magnus uses a strict protocol that all clinics must adhere to for the fMRI, the mapping/targeting process, and the delivery of treatment. This is because SAINT is a veritable regulated medical product, while anything else is something made up without any regulatory processes to ensure it is safe or effective.

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