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Are you living with major depressive disorder and struggling to find an effective treatment option?

The SAINT™ neuromodulation system may offer new hope.

We are recruiting adults 18 years and over for a new research program for major
depression using the SAINT™ neuromodulation system, a breakthrough treatment for major depressive disorder (MDD).

● To qualify for the study,

  • you must be 18 years or older

  • have a diagnosis of major depressive disorder

  • tried at least one antidepressant medication without satisfactory improvement

The prospective, multi-site program is called the Open-label Optimization trial, or OLO, designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the SAINT neuromodulation system for the treatment of major depression in a real-world setting.

The clinical research program will enroll up to 1,000 adults throughout the United States experiencing major depression who have failed to receive satisfactory improvement from a prior antidepressant medication. This is often referred to as “treatment-resistant major depression.”

What is SAINT?
The SAINT neuromodulation system is cutting-edge technology that uses non-invasive magnetic stimulation to target specific areas of the brain associated with depression. The SAINT approach has shown promising results in earlier studies, with fewer side effects than traditional medications and a faster onset of benefits.


What is the treatment like?
The clinical research program will involve a series of treatment sessions using the SAINT neuromodulation system over five consecutive days. First, you will undergo an MRI brain scan so doctors can locate the optimal location in your brain for neurostimulation. Once the MRI scan is completed, you will be scheduled for treatment with the SAINT neuromodulation system. This involves a series of 10 10-minute treatment sessions with 50-minute breaks each day for 5 days.
Throughout the trial, you will be cared for by our experienced team of professionals.


What are the benefits of SAINT?
SAINT neuromodulation treatment is a new, rapid-acting treatment option that is having a very positive impact on treating major depression. In completed clinical trials, treatment with SAINT for major depressive disorder has resulted in a significant reduction in depressive symptoms following the five-day treatment protocol. The SAINT treatment has shown high remission and response rates in both open-label studies, with approximately 80-90% of people achieving remission of depression symptoms following the five-day treatment protocol, and a double-
blinded randomized controlled trial (RCT), where results reveal a 79% remission of depression symptoms in people in the active treatment arm following the protocol compared to 13% in the placebo treatment arm. These clinical results demonstrate that SAINT is safe and well tolerated and has the promise to be a reproducible, rapid and effective treatment option for people who have treatment-resistant major depression.


Is there a cost to participating in the clinical research program?

Yes, there is a patient cost for this breakthrough study.

To learn more:
If you are interested in participating in the clinical research program evaluating the SAINT neuromodulation system for major depressive disorder, please contact us: 
Call: 949-776-5103





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