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A Revolutionary Study:
Brain Imaging Kernel Research


Participate in a Revolutionary Study on Depression Treatments

Have you been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and are about to begin a new treatment?

If so, you might be eligible for an innovative observational study by Kernel. This study aims to understand how the brain reacts to various depression treatments using Kernel Flow, a state-of-the-art, non-invasive brain scanner. This technology uses specific light frequencies to measure brain activity, eliminating the need for magnets or radioactivity.

Eligible patients from selected clinics undergoing treatments like TMS, Ketamine, SPRAVATO, or Antidepressants can participate and will receive a summary of their brain results.

The study duration can extend up to 3 months, comprising 2-3 primary visits and an option for up to 6 additional short visits. Primary visits, lasting about an hour, involve questionnaire responses and wearing a high-tech headset to record brain activity during specific tasks. Optional visits are shorter, taking up to 20 minutes.

Learn more about Kernal Flow here.

If you’re interested in gaining insights into your brain’s response to depression treatments, come to us for this groundbreaking study! 

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Kernel’s Pioneering Approach

Kernel's unique approach is centered around its cutting-edge neuroimaging headset, Kernel Flow, which utilizes precision neuroscience. This technology has undergone peer review and is supported by over 5000 distinct datasets.


It builds upon decades of scientific advancements and has demonstrated its effectiveness in the field. Kernel's technology is poised to play a crucial role in various aspects of neuromedicine:


Clinical Trial Optimization: By enabling population stratification and quantitative endpoints, the technology enhances precision in detecting drug effects and determining treatment efficacy.


Early Identification: Previously, access to advanced neuroimaging technologies has been limited. However, Kernel aims to change this by enabling regular brain measurements and facilitating early detection of brain changes for timely interventions.


Predicting Treatment Response: Kernel's technology can assist in selecting treatments based on neuro biomarkers, thereby aiding in predicting treatment response.

Depression Treatment in Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa and Santa Ana is a beautiful city in Orange County, California with a population of over 332,610 people and families. According to Hope for Depression 1 in 10 people suffer with depression in the United States, and it takes over $100 Billion in sick days and lost wages and economic toll. Depression may be the root cause for your memory loss.

Brain Health Solutions recommends Using Our Medication Management Services which include:

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