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Depression Medication

The focus of my clinical activities and of my patient-oriented research has always been on understanding the interplay between psychiatric illnesses and medical conditions and on developing innovative ways of addressing the whole spectrum of psychosomatic needs in patients with complex presentations. As a psychiatrist, I have a broad background in diagnosing and treating mental illness. I use pharmacological and nonpharmacological approaches that target the symptoms one is experiencing and also being very careful with medication interactions with other medications taken for other medical illnesses. The most common example is with people taking various medications for cancer, as many of the medications used in psychiatry affects the metabolism and efficacity of those treatments.

Medication Management in Costa Mesa and Santa Ana

Costa Mesa and Santa Ana is a beautiful city in Orange County, California with a population of over 332,610 people and families. According to Hope for Depression 1 in 10 people suffer with depression in the United States, and it takes over $100 Billion in sick days and lost wages and economic toll. Recovering from depression requires a wholistic approach from medication management, TMS therapy, psychiatric second opinions and much more.

Brain Health Solutions recommends Using Our Medication Management Services which include:

  • Pharmacological approaches

  • Nonpharmacological approaches

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