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Psychiatric Second Opinion


Therapist with Patient

Psychiatric Second Opinion

Patients have a decreased likelihood of response to medications with each failed treatment. Furthermore, the rate of medication discontinuation increase with each subsequent medication trial. Dr. Bota is a board certified Psychiatrist that specializes in addressing the needs of the patients that have failed many other first-line treatments. Sometimes it is needed to combine medications, use FDA approved interventions, and at times when nothing else has helped, use interventions with only empirical evidence in the literature to address the most difficult symptomatology in order to achieve a decrease in the suffering of the people with treatment-resistant mental illnesses.

Reasons to consider a second opinion

Good mental health requires getting the right care. It is wise to get a second opinion if you have doubts, even if it is difficult to do so. There are signs that could alert you to the need for this.

If you do not think your treatment is successful or if you don’t feel satisfied with the counsel given, then it could be prudent to get a second opinion. Additionally, in case your indications have altered or intensified since initiating treatment, then this may mean that something else has to be done. It is essential to take into consideration that various professionals can have different methods and ideas concerning dealing with mental health problems. Thus, obtaining a second opinion can make certain that you are getting the most far-reaching and effective care possible.


If you feel uncertain or confused about your diagnosis and treatment options, a second opinion can give you clarity and peace of mind. Seeking out a second opinion is not only good for your mental wellbeing but also beneficial in other ways.

You’re not responding to prescribed treatments

If you don’t think your current prescribed treatments are effective, you may benefit from exploring other options. This could include consulting other healthcare professionals or specialists, trying out alternative therapies, or adjusting your lifestyle habits.

It’s imperative to keep in mind that different people can have different outcomes from treatments, so one individual’s remedy may not necessarily be effective for another. Nevertheless, if you’ve been adhering to your prescribed treatment routine for a prolonged period of time yet there is no improvement in your condition, it may be wise to think about alternate choices. Fear not to inquire and look into prospective new treatments that could possibly lead to more beneficial results. When the correct mixture of treatments and lifestyle changes come together, it can open up the pathway back to health and well-being.

Your diagnosis is uncertain

A misdiagnosis is not uncommon in psychiatry, making it hard to be certain about your diagnosis. To make sure you are diagnosed correctly, consider getting a second opinion from another psychiatrist. That way, you can gain clarity on what’s going on and ensure an accurate diagnosis.


It is essential to keep in mind that looking for a second opinion does not signify that your first psychiatrist was mistaken or inadequate. It means they might have overlooked some indications or skipped something. Furthermore, some psychiatrists suggest getting a second opinion while diagnosing particular disorders as it can offer further understanding of the matter. Ultimately, discussing with another psychiatrist can give you assurance and make sure that you get suitable treatment for whatever disorder you may have.

TMS Therapy in Costa Mesa and Santa Ana

Costa Mesa and Santa Ana is a beautiful city in Orange County, California with a population of over 332,610 people and families. According to Hope for Depression 1 in 10 people suffer with depression in the United States, and it takes over $100 Billion in sick days and lost wages and economic toll. To recover we recommend having our therapists evaluate your condition.

Brain Health Solutions recommends seeing our Board Certified Psychiatrist for a Psychiatric Second Opinion.


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