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Restoration through Dance & Meditation

Facilitator: Alina Nejadian, MS, LMFT

BrainHealth Solutions Team Member

Restoration through Dance

All sessions are private one on one sessions.  Schedule is based on yours and the Facilitator’s availability.  To book, email the Facilitator at

Each session has a slightly different purpose; however, all sessions are intended for you to allow your organic movements to be evoked according to the structure and setting of the particular session. It’s a space for you to release the tension that your body has been holding and to radiate at your individual higher frequency. The latter sessions listed are the more advanced ones.

It is not required to take the following sessions in order, however, it is strongly encouraged.








Body attunement — You will be guided into the present and guided to find where in your body your tension & stress may have been stored and begin to dance with gentle music.

Inner child dance — You will be guided to allow negative experiences from childhood to surface, while allowing your inner child to dance through the pain.

Dance the current stress away — You will be guided to identify where in your body the current stress lies, and then you will be guided to release the stress through your own organic dance movements.

Choose your own flow — You choose your own music in an effort to reach your authentic self through your organic dance.

Courageous dance — You will be guided to imagine someone, a part of yourself, your ego, your higher self, or your higher power and dance as though you are dancing with that person, with a part of yourself, or with that being.

Uninfluenced dance — There will be no music, and very limited external stimuli so that you may give yourself the opportunity to flow with your most organic dance movements in an effort to reach your maximum level of authenticity.

Consciousness dance — You will be guided to reach groundedness, reach presence, reach your higher self, and/or reach your higher power (whichever resonates with you). And you will dance freely, uninhibited, reckless, and carefree in a safe space. The goal is to radiate at your highest frequency, and display it through dance. When one can radiate at their highest frequency, you can have a chance to heal or at least view experiences from a different perspective.

Restoration through Meditation

All sessions are private one on one sessions.  Schedule is based on yours and the Facilitator’s availability.  To book, email the Facilitator at

We offer the 4 different session structures listed below. You may choose whichever one resonates with you, however, you are encouraged to take all 4 to enhance your meditation skills. The following list is not in any particular order.

“Let’s be present” meditation: You will be provided with soothing sounds, smells, visuals, tastes, objects, in combination with the facilitator’s guidance to help you reach presence, calmness, and groundedness.

Healing meditation: You will be presented with a relaxing and trusted environment in which you will feel safe enough to allow past negative experiences to come into your psyche. Whether these experiences are repressed away in your unconscious, suppressed in your subconscious, or clearly already there at a conscious level. The purpose of this process is for you to allow the negative experience to be confronted, to validate your own feelings and thoughts, and potentially view the negative experience as something that no longer impacts your life the way it used to. By the end of the session, you may view your negative experiences with less intensity.

Neutrality meditation: You will be guided to be free of judgment of your thoughts, your feelings, yourself as a whole, and to be free of judgment of others, and the world.

Higher plane meditation: You will be guided to reach your higher self, higher power, and/or radiate at a higher frequency. Whichever resonates with you.

Please note that the aforementioned dance and meditation sessions are not therapy, and the facilitator of these sessions is not your therapist. The dance sessions are not intended to teach you how to dance, nothing is choreographed, and the facilitator is not a dance instructor. The facilitator is not certified in meditation. Note that there may be some changes made to the structure of the sessions if the facilitator sees it as best fit for attendees.

About Alina Nejadian, MS, LMFT

Alina Nejadian is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Alina has provided 12+ years of psychotherapy services and has been in the mental health field for over 15 years. She has served in various settings and populations. She has used different interventions and techniques (CBT, DBT, IFS, Exposure therapy, Gestalt therapy, Gottman method, Betrayal trauma healing, and more). She has worked with clients with mental health disorders, trauma, emotional disturbances, addictions, personality disorders, special needs, couples with discord, etc. She has also facilitated various group therapy sessions.

Her belief is as follows: “We are all very unique, and our core needs may be similar, however, we like our needs met in varying ways. We have been clouded by the conditioning of our upbringing, life experiences, and so on. To undo some of the conditioning, reach our authentic self, and radiate at a higher plane may lead to healing, and if not, it shall lead to our genuine self making the determination of what is best for our healing. My intent is to be a tiny part of moving you into that direction.”

It is important to note that although Alina has the background that she has, she will not be your therapist in any of the aforementioned dance and meditation sessions (as they are not therapy sessions). She will not be using her license to facilitate any of the sessions.

On a more personal note: Alina truly believes in how much growth there has been and there is yet to be in the world of science, and she is also highly spiritual. Alina has shared that she has dealt with an extensive amount of hardships in her lifetime, and has thus become a huge fan of people like Thich Nhat Hanh, Alan Watts, and Carl Jung. What she has learned, experienced in combination with her own healing to an extent, her faith, and her beliefs makes her passionate about sharing concepts through meditation that she hopes will work for you.

Alina has been dancing since she was 4 years old in front of a mirror all by herself for most of the time. At other times she has danced solo in front of others. She has also taken dance classes (few in number), and had a couple public dance performances. Although she has been a student in various dance classes (limited in the number of times), her own organic dance movements have been her saving grace throughout her life.

Contact Alina: Email:

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